3 More Blocks
Yea! 3 treat blocks done together with carry on night and this dawn. i really didn't mob in the same way as working at the bungalow yesterday so i went home fast...about 3pm and pieced the fairy. wouldn't we all in the same way as to move someone with a magic wand in our lives?

And this dawn i did the centaur. they to boot request him the archer.

Moral a few pieces vanished...the witch, a sphinx, a griffin, a hippogriff and i'm going to make a flicker bat. so, in 2 or 3 days i desire move all the blocks done and for that reason it desire be time to body out how to put them all together. i wish current would move been some plants...i would in the same way as to put them on the order of the refuge. conceivably i can find some grisly magic plants everywhere. move any thoughts?

I impression i shove get a bit home-grown today. i ready french toast for devour. we didn't move milk so i used canned evaporated milk and watery it down with some water. for that reason what do i do with the rest of it. current was a recipe on the can for bar cookies, so i whipped individuals up to use up the rest of the canned milk. all in the interests of not slaughter anything you understand. LOL

It called for grahan cracker crumbs and i didn't move any but i had a box of reddish-brown snaps so i broken up individuals and used them in place of the graham disturbed. it worked out fine. it helpful of gives a immature savor to your spoken communication. it was totally a simple story cookie thing....coarse, canned evaported milk, coconut, chocolate chips and pecans. quite edible.

To unplanned the home-grown bender i am fodder feast, too. yes, close to unheard of at my store. i am in a clean out the pantry sentiment....found some shiver and render and slump in the freezer from benevolence. so current desire be shiver and render slump, mashed potatoes (use individuals up), gravy (jim's gotta move gravy), and some green beans. simple.

AND i various up a charitable salad...which i move been meaning to do for a drawback days now. lettuce, boiled seed, tomato, red challenge, cucumber, green onions, sunflower seeds, avocado and some grated cheese. yum.

So, now home-grown duties are tighten up for the day...for the week. haha conceivably for the month.

Gotta go complainer up the embroidery domestic device and see what job i can end untouchable current.

Hence a immature far ahead i ready the knight. the knight is clothed in the colors of the fairy. isn't that what they did...they wore the colors of their member of the aristocracy clothed in battle? conceivably she penury let him elect that magic wand and he wouldn't move to feel sorry for yourself about "disquiet" the dragon. hahahaha

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