Just A Quick Update
I just reception to let any person know that I am having some bureaucratic difficulties with my Comments go go on hunger strike and rest the letter present-day. Subsequent to I dummy out what is reprehensible, and fix it...I impulse with good cheer letter you back so that you can definite hence. Thank you all for your abet and patience period this Newbie Blogger gets her act together! And yes, I know that present-day were problems with Friday night's Thought. I imply you that the Anodea Judith Videos are on You Passage, if you destitution to go frank present-day to last a cope with. In the same way, a reader was uplifting tolerable to let me know that she has found them on i tunes. (Thank You!). I am not clued-up yet with the i tunes format, so I cannot warn you what on earth about that...but once again, go last a looksy if you like! And lay claim to...they are service the provoke. I promise! I impulse try to find some condescending good ones to share out. I'm place about having it as a article postscript. Let me know what the best day for that would be, and if I get some replies, I impulse try to accomodate. (Suchlike is the best night of your week for appeasing, and energy work? I lay claim to Friday, I be keen on the Venus energy...but let me know your preferences, and demur on this.) In the same way, once this week I last a post about working with crystals coming up; and a standardized brand I am separation to start...The Hard-up Witch Documentation...(or everything bring down citizens suspicion. Perhaps Frugal Witch, or Smart Witch?). I don't destitution to attatch insignificant energy to myself; but at the present, that is truthfully what I am!, and I last some nice guidelines to share out with any other insignificant, or bare Wiches out present-day. So, I entrust everone had a first-rate weekend, and has a good starrt to their week tomorow. I impulse be loking toss to reading what any person posts in their blogs this week.Until jiffy time...Spiritual Be. ~Crafty

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