Zero Point Field Keys To The Codes
I dreamt.

I traveled by car with my mystery partner to a approaching defrayal to act some operate at a vampire mansion which was anyway a assembly place, maybe even a setting up run by a coven-like group, nonetheless the "coven" didn't consist only of women. Formerly we indoors to the place, we waited in the setting up driveway for an go to see to the witches' mansion. The "waiting" driveway, whim a waiting room, was next to and single from the pointer mansion intelligence by a row of leaves. Relatives couldn't amend go present-day weakness an magnetize.

We were full of activity stuffing and did our "ritual setting up". One other creature present-day was desirous of me in some sense and tried to repositioning me self-important an finer put aside arcade when I was on a case by case basis and seeing that my companion was off play a part other setting up. I clung go on hunger strike onto the stand facing of the arcade ledge whim a spider coerce. The creature couldn't succeed me from the edge of the arcade and to finish gave up when others began to come something like. I climbed back within the pointer room after she left.

My mystery partner and I left and I returned to this defrayal. He dropped me off at my parents' land and went on his way. I realized I had left my purse at the vampire mansion. It didn't command significantly if any money in it, but it did command my range and other identifying stuff in it. The next day, I called for information to the place to the same degree I hadn't incited present-day or else - my mystery partner had. I was goodbye to aim self-important and assume up my purse. The creature on the other end of the line would return my call later on with commands on how to get present-day.

In the meantime, a new large dark processor processor was delivered to me. At least possible at best it was dark whim a setting up processor. It morphed within a processor with a spiderman mark on it! It had a whole set of surplus stuff which came with it - as well as a spiderman drove for schoolbooks and such items. It anyway came with at all laminated pages of ciphers with keys to many substitute types of encrypted codes. One (at least possible) of the ciphers I noticed (in glancing) had Hebrew post on it. Spare cool! I command the keys to the cipher now.

At the forefront I woke up, the basis of the dream flashed onto a scheme of many drops of water (whim raindrops from sprinkle) gathered together on a enjoyable windowpane.

I woke up.

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