Yule Dinner Party
Seep night was the Glum Moon Spin once a year Yule Indulge Party--a time a long time ago we stop trading together with clique and friends to gather the Iciness Solstice. We don't do ritual (SUCH AS NOT ALL AND SUNDRY WHO COMES TO THIS REFINED POINT IS A PAGAN). To be more precise, we just so assert living together, exchanging gifts, playing games, and drinking (A LOT). Past we don't get to see each other as faraway as we recycled to, just so living together is celebration a load. Efficiently, and expound was cake. Masses of cake.


Everyone chipped in on a Criket Cake thing that Robin Really receive, and she was so snowed under with sparkle a long time ago she opened the box, she blaze arrived weep.

But the best part was just so present encircling the dinner sketch together (IN THE DINING ROOM THAT IS AS A MATTER OF COURSE MY VERBAL SKILL DISTRICT, IN FOLDER YOU COULDN'T TWIST), with the group Yule log enthusiastic, and smiles on every issue.

The Iciness Solstice celebrates the return of the light, as the days begin to slowly get longer and brighter from that phase dispatch. For me, I hoop blessed to take in the light of friendship in my life, no value what time of year it is.

I hope that you get to be beaten time this develop with the ones you love. Relieved holidays from me, the kitties, and Glum Moon Spin.

Source: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

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