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So, I am borrowing a computer so I can post this new blog.This one is on why it is so difficult to heal yourself with magic. I have come across this problem a couple of times with magicians looking to heal themselves, really proficient mages at that. Even I have had this problem! So, what is the deal?

The main issue with this is the act of healing itself. Magical healing involves drawing in more vital force then the patient currently has and then filling them with the power along with the intention of life, health and balance. It requires a good deal of vital energy because the body needs this fuel to get back to an even level and it burns most of it up to get there. Depending on the patients level it could demand quite a bit of power to do this. It also requires a magician that has been properly trained, balanced and has removed any negative thoughtforms. With any magic, if you have mental programs running in the background that are antithetical to the work then those programs slip into the magic and cause it to backfire. We will look at this in more depth in another blog.

So, now we have the basics as to how to heal, what is the problem with healing the self? The problem two fold and is this: If you are ill and try to heal yourself you will have a very hard time drawing in enough power to cover the deficiency, so it is like trying to cut your own hair, you just can't reach the spot. The other problem is actually easy to overcome with the right method. The program, if you are sick and trying to heal yourself then the program running in the background is "I am sick." so when you load the intention into the magical force that program slips in and continues to create illness rather then health. Just like trying to do magic for wealth, you are reaffirming poverty as you work towards wealth by the very act of doing the magic. What is needed is to reach a state where your energy reflects health or wealth, by synchronizing your sphere with the force of health your vibration will reproduce the state. A example is being depressed and just telling yourself to be happy while sitting in a dark gloomy place, not going to do it! Go watch some comedies, get out on a sunny day and enjoy nature! By placing yourself in that vibration you start to reflect that vibration.

I bet your hopes for being healed are now sort of dashed. But never fear! This is Justin's magic clinic! We will get this problem fixed right up! Step one: Time. What is required to heal yourself in magic is to over time raise your vibration to higher and higher levels (The Great Work) by doing this your health vibration increases over time so that the lower vibrations are transformed alchemically and no longer do you any harm. This can be done several ways. One is to take an organ at a time and raise its vibration as Bardon suggests in IIH. Later on through doing the same with the Kabbalistic letters as well. Evocation and meditation with angels and archangels also raises your vibrations and these beings reflect a state of perfection which sinks into your being over times as well. Chi kung and meditation in positive natural settings can help as well, this teaches you how to move energy properly and makes your energy system reach a natural and beautiful state.

If you follow the above advice you will notice that you will reach greater levels of health and vitality. Sadly though, some things will stick with you. They may get better but will be there for the long haul. An example is my knees. I am a Capricorn and have always have a bad knee and the other one is not so perfect either. Now over time with the above work I have noticed an amazing improvement but now and then it still acts up. Just part of living in the physical world is all. A counter example is my eyes. For the longest time I had poor vision, I was near sighted. I did months of vital force work on them, did the Bardon eye baths, filled them with light and just did good old fashioned magic work on them. The eye doctor noticed a slight improvement. Still it was not a miracle heal. I kept on though. Then one day, we came into a few thousand dollars out of the blue. Besides putting it as a nice down payment on a car it occurred to me to get eye surgery. I did and now have even better then 20/20 vision. This is one of the ways magic works. You put the intention out and by natural means a solution presents itself. So, just because it seems that a solution presents itself that is totally mundane do not discount it.

That is all for now! Until Next time, good magic to you!

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