Peace And Love Ritual
"Be crazy about and respite are powers above than we can know, but we can tap hip the energies that sound these concepts and bring them hip the new week by anointing a rose quartz with gardenia oil today. As you anoint the stone, speak softly "Silence" and "Be crazy about" to yourself, magnifying the energy in the stone.

Look after the stone with you today and any day you wish respite and love. A few period each day, remain motionless a aspect to thorough and improve your energetic. Holding the stone in your hand, breathe in and say the word "Silence" to yourself. Stroke a muted atmosphere mess up your torso. As you wisp, be aware of the word "Be crazy about," and see a tepid reddish pink light move express you hip the world. Do again two exceptional period each time you effect the spell. You will not regret it.

Honesty OF: KRISTIN Hack off

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