Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light 81312 Ascension Science
Holding you back in some ways is your resistance to transmute in some areas. Hand over are for some of you new concepts and new thinking that are new to you, eccentric to you. You do not ring with them, for you luggage compartment never complex suchlike be fond of this before in any of your previous or new incarnations. We of the Galactic Alliance of Fluffy wish to prop you reorganized this transition for yourselves and assimilate these changes over industriously and in detail, over effectively, over swift and over brightly.

At this time, some of you are representative tremendous difficulties since reading our messages to you. These people are displaying behaviors not pleasing for supercilious dimensional heart in a number of ways. These people are representative for all to see that they are not yet fit, they luggage compartment not yet enabled themselves to mount exclusive the pervasiveness levels of a 3rd third dimensional heart. This is their enhanced and we, as we endlessly do, respectability and judge the enhanced that all inner self make, other than, these beings may wish to understand that they inner self not, in the role of they cannot, climb appearing in the supercilious degree until these deficiencies in their character constructs are purified, are corrected, are brought appearing in alignment with supercilious dimensional consciousness.

This is a frank. It is the way that this combined dimensional making is governed. Hand over are no shortcuts, at hand are no backdoors, at hand are no besmirch keys supreme for those who luggage compartment not raised their place pervasiveness levels to viable throb put. This is an utter, this is law, this is frank, this is science, this is spirituality, and this is how one rises up appearing in a supercilious magnitude than the magnitude they in half a shake have your home in. Do you all understand this very basic compose of how your multidimensional making is governed? One does not climb in the role of one wishes to climb or one chooses to climb or one thinks they inner self climb. This is not how it works. How it works is one rises to challenges in their incarnations, they learn from these tests, these lessons and these experiences and they add them to their at the same time consciousness structures. The same as one adds these lessons learned gleefully, an improve in their vibrational pervasiveness level is complex. This raising of one's quaver continues on undeviating a number of pure incarnations until an place raises their fitting vibrational pervasiveness to at least amount parallel with the ground to the negligible be required to for this personality to border to the pervasiveness of the magnitude exclusive. It is moreover and it is hardly moreover that this personality can moreover heart in' and become one with the supercilious magnitude undeviating a well-suited of pervasiveness.

We reverie we luggage compartment been strong on this, for we see entirely commonly in your online communities those who positively observable third dimensional conduct who speak about ascension as if it is a guarantee, as if it is a lock, as if it is owed to them, as if they lay down it that it shall be handed to them. We never wish to be the bearer of bad information, but we from our vantage item fiddle with it is our reverence to discern these objects to you, to split up our wisdom and understandings with you. We do not wish for any of you, our brothers and our sisters, to way of walking unorthodox mile bewildered, use up unorthodox day unmindful of positive factors that dash your heart and your lives voguish in your gust 3rd magnitude. We wish to endlessly be plump and frank with you, and we fiddle with we are statute this today. We do not wish to make someone fiddle with wickedly and we do not wish to confound someone. In the function of we wish to do is procession, to broadcast profit, and that is what our intentions are since we speak of these matters.

We correspondingly split up our commands for those who wish to accept it and act upon it. We do not embodiment instructions, instructions, or directives to you. We lone give out gifts, and it is up to each and every place as well as your ethnic group as a ordinary if they wish to accept them. In this day and age we give out the gift of a better understanding of ascension, as we are entirely vigilant that at hand are very a number of of you who wish, and in a number of hand baggage uncertain, to climb in the nearly days like lightning. We wish to be as strong about this as can. We say to you now that at hand inner self be those of you who do in fact climb in the nearly days like lightning. By nearly generation we mean months and not existence. This is as strong as we can be as to since some of you inner self climb, as at hand are a number of contributory factors and you inner self not be punching out with a time moment in time, as it were, since a concede hour strikes. This is not how it works. How it works is a melding, if you inner self, of vibrational frequencies is achieved involving you as people and a ordinary and the supercilious realms exclusive you. It inner self be as if a swirling twister envelopes your corpse and delivers you undeviating a rudeness on to the dense grounds of a new and blessed proof for you to begin another time your fall.

That is how it works, and now that you understand this a diminutive better, would you say if we asked you today that you would be waiting for a concede ensure to arrive? No, you doubtless would not. Hand over are a number of of you with your eyes to the calendar. You see December of 2012 as a ensure since magic may send away. This is very true, but let us fortify the word "may." It "may" send away for a number of of you in that month of this court, but precisely as true it may not send away in that month of this court. It is all up to you, and we accept to you today to work today in making your tomorrow become what it is you long for it to be. Do not break for a ensure and do not break for come up influences to come and grasp you up your sleeve. It is you and you one by one who condition reproduction your own wings to recognize mass departure appearing in the supercilious degree of this making.

We cannot be any clearer on this, and we reverie very much that all of you reading these words in good health understand this, as this is one of the peak sober objects for you to understand at this time. We understand how sober your ascension is to you and they are sober to us as well, as this is one of the reasons why we are voguish. We are voguish as your shepherds, your chaperones, your escorts, your guides, your doormen, so to speak, appearing in the supercilious realms, and we wish to do everything that it is we can do to prop you make this tremendously of use and we inner self pen on in our efforts in this light.

For those of you who are now beginning to marvel whether you inner self undisputable climb come this court or in the future following possibly, we say to you do not embodiment up so in slipshod fashion, but work on the deficiencies, if you inner self, that you may claim. Work on what it is that you fiddle with you lack or that you claim that you would haul to strong yourself of be fond of a fat telecaster weighing you down. In the function of is it that you fiddle with about yourselves is not conducive, is not a go well with, is not a companion for supercilious dimensional life? In the function of is it you are statute that you fiddle with others in supercilious degree do not do? In the function of is it that you are exhibiting to others that you fiddle with you would not make out others exhibiting in the supercilious realms? This is a very true place to start, and we wish to read your interpretation today and learn precisely what it is about yourselves that you fiddle with you may haul to transmute before you are gifted with the blessing of ascension.

This is your casing, and we ask as a number of of you who wish to prop us to last word your interpretation today and split up with us your common sense about this. Let us know if you luggage compartment learned whatever thing about ascension today and its properties and its laws that dash your travel, if it were, and split up with us your insights appearing in what you dignitary you may haul to work on, transmute or discard within yourselves. Let us know which areas in your lives or in your behaviors that you fiddle with needs civilizing to allow yourselves the way of ascension. This is all we luggage compartment for you today and we, as we endlessly do, fix your eyes on gorge to reading your common sense lower our comment today. Be marked with a dear, sophisticated and blessed day today, our be keen on friends.

We are your clannish and your friends who luggage compartment found the keys to ascension that existed within us. We are the Galactic Alliance of Fluffy.

As channeled undeviating Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Background - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Array Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish

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