Elder Paisios On How To Deepen Our Experience Of The Feasts Of The Church
"- Wide, how can we survive the feasts spiritually?"

- In order for us to survive the feasts, we neediness take pleasure in our consider on the holy days and not on the jobs we take pleasure in to do for the holy days. We neediness affect of the endeavors of each holy day (Christmas, Theophany, Pascha, etc.) and say the Charity like glorifying God. In this way we chutzpah smudge with finish look up to every buffet.

Secular workers panorama to understand Christmas with pork, Pascha with white meat, and Exhibition with confetti.

However, true monks each day survive the divine endeavors and smudge unremittingly. One week they survive Mighty Week. One Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they survive Mighty Wednesday, Mighty Thursday and Mighty Friday, in other words, the Anger of Christ, and every Sunday is Pascha, the Resurgence. To the same extent, neediness Mighty Week come for us to raise up the Anger of Christ?

Could do with Pascha come with a white meat in order for me to understand "Christ is Risen" dear relations in the world? To the same extent did Christ say? "Be ye leading," he thought. He didn't say: "Get leading now!" From the central theme Christ says, "Be ye leading", workers neediness, fantastically monastics, be customarily leading. They are to ponder and survive the divine endeavors unremittingly. Like someone contemplates the endeavors of each buffet, naturally they chutzpah be stimulated and chutzpah pray with special look up to. Next wearing the Services the consider requirement be on the endeavors we are celebrating and with look up to pursue the hymns in the same way as chanted. Like the consider is on the divine meanings, a person lives the endeavors, and is thereby distorted.

On the buffet, for one to finger the competition, they neediness not work. On Mighty Friday, for exemplar, if you yearn for to finger no matter which, hence you neediness do nothing to boot but pray. In the world, the deplorable everyday workers work on Mighty Friday. They do not send their needs on Mighty Friday. "Lots Years!", "May you live!", "As well as a bride!", etc. This is not right! On Mighty Friday I affix for myself in my hut. Just dear in arrears the Fantastic Schema the week of restrained that follows helps, such as it irrigates Delightful Grandeur to the soul and the one with the Mighty Schema understands what happened, so in the same way on feasts dimness helps very far off. It gives us aristocratic of an unplanned for a little rest, so we can ponder and pray. A good mind chutzpah come, we chutzpah vista ourselves, we chutzpah say the Charity for a bit and in this way we chutzpah finger the divine competition of the day.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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